Human Trafficking In America

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The current epidemic in America is human trafficking. Human trafficking occurs all across the globe and is a modern-day form of slavery. Some believe human trafficking is not a serious problem; however, it is a heinous act that only becomes worse with each passing year. The only way to help stop the atrocious act of human trafficking is to accomplish the following steps: first the public needs to be educated on what human trafficking is and what victims of human trafficking endure, the local police departments and hospital facilities need to learn how to identify and help victims of human trafficking, as well as how to identify a victim of human trafficking. Most people in today’s society do not understand what human trafficking is and …show more content…
For example, most people do not think that organ trade falls under human trafficking, but it does. “Human organs are also abused in trafficking. More than 114,000 organ transplants are performed annually in over 100 countries. Estimating that 5-10% of kidney transplants result from commercial transactions” (Cokar, et al. 102). Organ trading is a serious issue and is just one of the many parts of human trafficking that are overlooked by the public. Societies need to be aware of what crimes involve human trafficking and to not stereotype human trafficking. These acts are inhumane, illegal, and must be stopped, but first people around the world need to understand what human trafficking truly …show more content…
One way that a victim of human trafficking can be identified is if they have been branded. They can be branded by a hot iron tool, tattoo, or by tracking chip. All of these examples can be used for a trafficker to identify or find his slaves. Douglass Chin, chief of hand surgery at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, talked about how he encountered a human trafficking victim. Chin discusses an encounter with a human who had dislocated thumbs, gray marks on her body, and tattoo’s that said she was somebody’s girl. Chin did not realize she was a victim of human trafficking until she left the hospital. Chin believes that the tattoos were branding marks of her pimp, and the gray marks were signs of chronic beatings (Barr, 19). Branding a victim helps traffickers identify if that male or female belongs to them or another trafficker. Recently traffickers have used tattoos and locator chips to identify their victims. Dr. Chin might have saved that woman if he would have been trained on how to identify victims. Branding is just one of the many ways to identify victims of human

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