Essay on Human Trafficking Policy : Texas House Bill 10

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Human Trafficking Policy: Texas House Bill 10
The Texas Legislature passed Texas House Bill 10 of the 84th legislature on June 9, 2015. House Bill 10 (2015) relates to crimes including human trafficking, forced prostitution, and related offenses, as well as monetary compensation and additional resources for victims of these crimes. This bill serves to increase punishments for traffickers, decriminalize victims, and protect minors involved in human trafficking (Rumph, 2015). State Representative Senfronia Thompson authored House Bill 10 (2015) along with a large group of bipartisan House Members; it was passed unanimously.
Part One
Texas House Bill 10 of the 84th Legislature is the result of problems dating back thousands of years (2015). Human trafficking, forced prostitution, and slavery are not new issues, and they are an intrinsic part of human history. Since the dawn of civilization, one can observe the presence of slavery and prostitution. In the United States, prostitution, slavery and human trafficking are illegal acts, but historically the victims have not been fully protected. Texas House Bill 10 (2015) addresses these historical issues by decriminalizing the victims and providing them with resources.
Early History
With a history as long human civilization, laws on prostitution and slavery have changed and progressed. According to Tesla Carrasquillo, prostitution is observable in human history beginning around 2400 B.C (2014, p. 3). Carrasquillo states the law…

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