Human Trafficking : New Modern Day Slavery Essay

1148 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Many humans have rights and value their moral belief for same equally. Others have crossed the lines, taking advantage throughout vulnerable victims because of their sex. Trafficking of people is cruel and inhumane to most victims that are weak, although most victims are minors. Trafficking is new modern day slavery that has bypassed many laws with illegal activity such as hard labor and sex. Atlanta has the highest percentage of human trafficking in the United States because it’s a hotspot for many trucks and travelers to hang by. Not only the citizens in Georgia are being held countable for trafficking, but also many foreign people being taken from their home country to the United States and transported to Georgia. It is true that most victims are minors, human trafficking scar many young victims of sex and abuse because its easy for the controller to manipulate and deceive them. Law enforcements, U.S. government and health professional must increase their awareness throughout their community to prevent further human trafficking activity.
Police may have high tech gadgets that track down criminal minds, but with such tools with little experience may lead to a failure result. Grubb and Bennett pointed out that as a result, agencies may lack the fundamental awareness of trafficking definitions and signs of victimization. The primary core to finding victims going unnoticed can determine the situation to solve the issue (489). Grubb and Bennett show various surveys among many…

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