Human Trafficking Is The Most Sanctioned Of All The United Nations Human Rights

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In past years, child abduction rates have been growing exponentially, as borders have become less secure. The percentage of child victims has increased from twenty percent to twenty-seven percent since 2012. According to the U.N. Convention, the treaty concerning the Rights of the Child is the most sanctioned of all the United Nations Human Rights treaties. Child trafficking is child abuse, and the victimized children are being treated poorly, and are being told to do dangerous jobs and tasks. Human trafficking is now the world’s fastest growing crime and approximately, and 68% of trafficked humans are children, translating to 1.2 million children trafficked. Thousands of Ethiopian children are being sold into a life of enslavement and abuse. These children’s parents need money for their family to survive and are being told that selling their children into slavery will give their children an education , as well as help their family survive. The girls are often sold into conditions of either domestic slavery, or enforced prostitution. While the boys are exposed to forced labour in agriculture, herding, or street vending. The International Organization for Migration labeled Ethiopia as having one of the highest domestic trafficking of children in the world. As of 2005 Ethiopian traffickers were earning approximately $800 for each victim that gets sent abroad, and since then, their earnings have doubled. Ethiopia’s neighbouring countries such as; Kenya, Sudan, and Somalia need…

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