Human Trafficking Is Not A Problem Essay examples

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Worldwide close to twenty-seven million people are victims of human trafficking, roughly 14,500 are brought to the United States per year, from other countries (Buffett 116).
Human trafficking comes in two ways, international and domestic. International trafficking can be forced child labor or prostitution, whereas domestic is, for the most part, child prostitution (Levy). Women and children from all over the world are taken off the streets and forced to become something most people could hardly comprehend, a slave. This issue is coming from all sides in America, it is not from one source and because of that one solution cannot fix modern-day slavery. This problem has been in the United States from the conception of the nation, human trafficking is not a problem that will go away if ignored. If this problem is ever to be eradicated the citizens of this nation must stand against modern slavery by raising awareness and working together. Journalists around the United States have found that human trafficking is still alive and well in our society. One journalist, Mary Ellen Dougherty, points out that human trafficking is in, “Texas with African choir boys, in Oklahoma with Indian factory workers, in California with Asian women and children sold into prostitution, in Maryland with African servants kept as slaves by medical doctors and members of foreign embassies…..,” Dougherty goes on to list three more states where similar such tragedies have occurred and continue to take…

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