Human Trafficking Is Not A Benign Phenomenon Essay

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The purpose of this study is to examine the factors behind the resilience of human trafficking in the world today; with specific reference to the experience of the United States. The study was informed by the key assumption that the US cannot fight human trafficking human trafficking in isolation of the rest of the world, and that there is a need to for governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to work together towards addressing the vice. Many international legal instruments have been out in place to address the vice but factors such as profitability, incapacity of many states to police the vice and worldwide and/or regional disparities have contributed to its resilience. The study arrive at the conclusion that though the US has been in the forefront of combating human trafficking around the world; and as a destination and course county as far as human trafficking is concerned; it cannot address the issue in isolation.
Human trafficking is not a benign phenomenon. Its roots go as far back hundreds of years before the Common Era. Many ancient civilizations and including ancient Greece, Egypt, China and Mesopotamia did practice one form or another in which humans were traded and taken to lands far-off as slaves. It would not be wrong therefore to argue that in fact, modern human trafficking has is rooted far back in human history. In 15th and 16th century mercantilist Europe, as well various forms of imperialism- and more so,…

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