Human Trafficking Is Like Modern Day Slavery Essay

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1) The problem I am discussing is "Human Trafficking". Human Trafficking is like modern day slavery. Many women, children, and even young men are sold into sex slaves. These human beans are no longer free. These victims are raped, beaten, and drugged. It is very sad what these victims go through on a daily basis. These people are forced into labor, forced marriages, and forced surrogacy. Human Trafficking is violating someone 's human rights, which is a crime. I choose this topic because I believe that this is a problem that has gone unnoticed by far too many people. I want to help make this problem be heard and something to be done about it. I hope that after you read my essay that you will have a clear picture of what human trafficking is really like and the nightmare that these victims live through every day. I think another reason why I choose this topic is during part of my military training we learned a lot about human trafficking like how to spot signs, what to do in a situation involving human trafficking, and how to help victims of human trafficking. I feel like that human trafficking is something that should be made more public. I personally do not know what I would do in a human trafficking situation, but I would like to think that my training or natural survival instincts would kick in. I think that this is a really important topic to me because I know how cruel people really can be and myself having two daughters makes it even more personal. I will do anything…

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