Human Trafficking Is A Violent, Insidious Crime, And Prevention Related Activities

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Human trafficking is a violent, insidious crime that thrives off the misunderstanding of general public and the misgivings of policy-makers. Trafficking, especially the trafficking of minors, is an injustice that has garnered national attention; whereas, a preventative response to this injustice has been deficient. The objective of this guide is to identify programs, practices, and policies that effectively prevent or reduce the trafficking of minors. The beginning part of the guide identifies existing programs, practices, and policies that are preventing or reducing human trafficking or the risk factors associated with human trafficking. The second part of this guide synthesizes the findings from the literature review and presents them in a tiered guide for communities and states to use to engage in human trafficking awareness and prevention-related activities. Finally, a list of programs aimed at preventing the trafficking of minors is provided.

Due to the lack of evidence-based youth focused trafficking prevention activities, evidence-based activities aimed at preventing and reducing risk factors associated with human trafficking were included in the literature review. The most prominent risk factors youth experience prior to being trafficked are: child maltreatment, running away and/or homelessness, youth who had contact with significant and influential others, youth who had or interacted with significant others with substance use disorders, youth who had or…

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