Human Trafficking Is A Thing Of The Past Essay

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Think back to a time in third grade when the teacher stood at the head of the class and began talking about the horrors of slavery. On March 25th, 1807, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was abolished (Thipanyane). But when one door closes, another door opens. The general consensus was that slavery was a thing of the past, but a new form of slavery has emerged. Human trafficking is just modernized slavery happening beneath the noses of governments across the world. This is a particular problem in Africa where human trafficking is an unnoticed trade that calls for an increase in women’s rights, stricter consequences, and more aid programs for those affected. Human trafficking is a practice that dates back as far as the 1800’s ("SOUTH AFRICA: How Heavy Is Human Trafficking?"). According to the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act 2013, human trafficking is “the delivery, recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring, selling, exchange, lease, and/or receiving another person for the purpose of exploitation” ("FACTSHEET: Understanding Human Trafficking - Africa Check."). Exploitation includes prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery, or similar practices, and organ removal ("SOUTH AFRICA: How Heavy Is Human Trafficking?"). This practice is forced upon its victims by the means of threat of harm, threat or use of force or coercion, the abuse of vulnerability, fraud, deception, abduction, kidnapping, abuse of power, and payment…

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