Human Trafficking Is A Huge Issue Essay

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Human Trafficking
Imagine going on vacation somewhere warm and sunny for spring break. It is a place you have never been before, so you decide to go and look around. As you are roaming through the city someone grabs you, but before you can scream, they stick a needle into your neck. You wake up in a strange and unfamiliar place, as you look down you notice that you are chained to a bed. A man walks in and throws a pile of clothing at you and without hesitation you put them on. You notice that they are provocative clothing, but you just sit there wait for instruction, and try to keep yourself alive. A group of girls dressed in the same clothing enters the room and unchain you. Another man comes in and all the girls line up so you decide to do the same. He is picking out girls and handing a wad of cash to the person who took you. You then realize that these men are human traffickers and you are the merchandise. Human trafficking is a huge issue all around the world today. It is a major problem for all children, men, and women and it needs to be eliminated. “Human trafficking affects every country in the world and has been associated with transnational organizations, small criminal networks, local gangs, violations of immigration codes, and government corruption.” (“Human Trafficking in the United States” 6) Many people don 't realize how much of an issue the world faces with these traffickers, infact the United States suffers from this crime as well. Studies show that “41% of…

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