Human Trafficking Is A Constant Problem Since The Dawn Of Civilized Societies

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Human trafficking has been a constant problem since the dawn of civilized societies. What was once called slavery became indentured servitude and has evolved into what is now called human trafficking or trafficking in persons (TIP). Though the name has been changed the end result remains the same. People are misled or kidnapped and forced into performing acts against their will. Even though it has been an issue for centuries, and nearly all countries have recently made slavery illegal, the practice continues and even flourishes. In fact it is one of the fastest growing international crimes with an estimated $32 billion annual profit (Aaronson, 2013) and over 20 million victims worldwide (The White House, 2012). Traffickers commonly get their victims from countries with a poor economy and transport them to a more stable economy. One of the many problems inherent to human trafficking is law enforcement’s difficulty identifying victims. It is hard for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to identify victims without a prior investigation that reveals TIP. Many of the victims refuse to come forward or cooperate with law enforcement for fear of reprisal from the Government and traffickers alike. In addition, many people who are witness to the crimes and abuse of the victims do not report it. In one case, two 50 year old women from India stayed with a family over 5 years and were routinely tortured and abused. A witness saw one of the women crawling out of the basement on…

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