Human Trafficking In Russia Essay

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A letter form the Russian Attorney General
Human trafficking, also known as sex trafficking, is an ever-growing problem throughout the globe. A majority of the humans are smuggled from the Eastern Europe area. Russia is considered one of the key contributors. When we look at the problem of human trafficking in Russia, there are many factors to consider. Who is targeted and why? Who are the traffickers and what is their motive? How does it affect the public and economy? How does Corruption play a role? The answers to these questions are the key to helping fight the problem of human trafficking. As for the Russian government, we need to closer look at where our state efforts should help fight the in going problem.
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has “experienced a regional crisis in trafficking,” (Orlova, 2004). In 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union brought extreme social dislocation and uncertainty for a large portion of Russia. This lead to poverty and limited opportunities for a majority of the population thought Russia. Many towns in Russia near major factories were faced with high unemployment rates. Men at the time were more likely to have contacts to earn new employment opportunities, but women were not.
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These crime organizations and officials have the means, money, and connections to make human trafficking successful. For the criminals in charge, the gain in human trafficking is huge. Personal, monetary, or goods are almost always the reason to begin the human trafficking business. It is rare for the traffickers to not be involved in drug and weapon trafficking as well. “Human trafficking rivals drug trafficking in its profitability globally,” (Buckley, 2009). In fact, “Human trafficking routes mostly follow those of drugs and weapons,” (the Dark Side of Globalization,

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