Human Trafficking In Bangladesh

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All across the globe, the problem of human trafficking is being noticed. Human trafficking is a wide spread problem that can include anything from sex trafficking, to labor trafficking, even the trafficking of organs. Each country is graded and assessed for funding and placed into a tier system. The countries can be placed in tier 1 (receives maximum funding), tier 2, tier 2 watch list, or tier 3 (receives the least funding) which tells how well those countries are protecting, preventing, and prosecuting human trafficking in their area (Lecture 2, slide 18). Bangladesh is considered a tier 2 country, however, is known to be the most infamous country for human trafficking across the globe. Choosing one country to focus on is hard because there …show more content…
For a country that is so at risk for this crime, that is an awesome fact to know. However, tier tow still is not the best a country can be so the crime is still happening every day in Bangladesh. Bangladesh experiences forced sex trafficking, forced labor trafficking, and forced organ donation and trafficking. They have each kind of trafficking that has been defined in this country. While each is equally as terrible, the biggest victim pool comes from sex and labor trafficking. This country is mainly a source country but also a transit and destination country. According to Foreign Affairs and Insights and Reviews “round four hundred women and children are trafficked out every month” (Biswas 2015). They often kidnap children at young ages and force them into forced sex exploitations or labor jobs. A young teenage girl was interviewed in a brothel in Bangladesh and told her life story. She states that her brother sold her to a brothel owner at the young age of twelve for 5,000 taka which is about 65 American dollars. She continues to talk about how she was moved from Bangladesh to India then back again (Gustaffson 2014). Her story is among thousands of children and women whose life was turned upside down against their will by the people who profit of selling them to brothels and pimps. Men are not safe in this country either. Labor trafficking is just as prominent. They are promised jobs or kidnapped as well then forced into debt bondage that they can never escape. These cases are harder to spot because many of the people forced into this really need the money and think that they eventually will be able to work their way out of the debt but that almost never is the case. The wide spread variations of trafficking here make this country hard to get under control since there is no universal definition for trafficking. Many

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