Human Trafficking Coffee ( P. 107-108 ) Essay

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Human Trafficking Coffee (p. 107-108)
1. Summarize the main problem and its setting.
According to the United Nations, an estimated 12.3 million people are currently human trafficking victims. Human trafficking is basically when a person is used for labor or services against their will through fraud, force, or coercion. This is involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or even slavery. Human trafficking from an employer’s perspective allows for cheap labor which results in goods and services produced at a lower cost. These cheap products are passed on to us as consumers. The key players in human trafficking are the victim of the human trafficking, the trafficker, the employer that uses these workers, and the consumer. Those affected by the outcome are the victim losing their freedom, the trafficker that makes money from selling the victim, the employer that used the victim to keep the costs down, and the consumer that sees lower prices from the use of the victim worker. I believe that unstated fact is that as a nation we allow this injustice to happen to keep up with our capitalistic economic outlook. The government and the employer look at this as an issue of ethical egoism. The greatest amount of utility for the government and the employer comes from the economic rise due to the victims being used because it keeps the economy going. Imagine the disutility that would occur if the government stopped the trafficking and the price of food and goods went up because the…

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