Human Trafficking, Bonded Labor, And Organ Trafficking Essay

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Today’s version of slavery goes by a few different names: human trafficking and undocumented immigration. When the word slavery is mentioned, people think of the past, and how people were forced into labor with no freedom or rights. Human trafficking is today’s version of slavery through countless violations of human rights: sex trafficking, bonded labor, and organ trafficking. The multi-billion-dollar industry, human trafficking, comes mainly from central and northern Africa and spreads through Asia, never slowing down. From the beginning of sex slavery into the continuation of human trafficking, from all different ages, genders, and ethnicities, it hurts and destroys, spreading nothing but pain and pure evil. Slavery still exists today, and on an even greater scale than it did in the industrial age.
No continent on earth has suffered from slavery more than Africa. Foreign invasion has enslaved tens of millions of people and Africa is victim to a lot of it. The Slave Trade was first started by Arab merchants and polished by the White men. Africans who were imprisoned by Arabs were transported to the Middle East to work. It was estimated more than four million Africans, from all across the continent, where captured by Arabs. When the White men joined the Slave Trade, it was a completely different dimension, commonly referred to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. The Trans Atlantic Stave Trade was responsible for transporting Africans to the West Indies, Europe, and…

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