Human Trafficking As An International And Domestic Issue Essay

1308 Words Nov 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Human trafficking has been a phenomenon since the beginning of time, appearing in multiple distinct forms. While different responses have been implemented, it is still a rising problem globally and locally. Human trafficking as an international and domestic issue is going to be examined as well as its presence in Canada. Different paradigms and pertinent course concepts will also be evaluated. To successfully and completely address this issue, Canada needs to implement a solution in which the victims of traffickers are the focus, and macro level factors that contribute to trafficking are discussed.
The beginning of human trafficking can be traced back to the practice of slavery and the slave trade. To explain the dramatic rise of human trafficking in modern times, Pourmokhtari (2016) postulates that it all began with the fall of the Soviet Union. He continues to describe how the fall of the Soviet Union allowed for the rise of globalization and consequently human trafficking. Human trafficking can be defined as a “multidimensional phenomenon, involving, among other things, kidnapping, extortion, slave labour, prostitution, sexual slavery and violation of immigration laws” (Pourmokhtari, 2016).
The World Order paradigm is going to be used to examine who would be the most vulnerable to trafficking. But first, basic human needs will be considered. As shown in Maslow’s hierarchy, to achieve self-actualization, people need to feel safe, loved and belonged, and have a secure…

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