Human Trafficking And The United States Essay example

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In Underidentification of Human Trafficking Victims in the United States by Elizabeth K.Hopper, Harper‘s informing reader about rates of human trafficking reports, how they are significantly low. Thousands of people are being trafficked each year in the US and only a few cases are reported. Lack of awareness, information, and limits on protections acts are contributing factors to the underidentification of traffic victims. Getting a better understanding of the factors and finding ways to decrease trafficking rates. Focusing on these factors and educating Atlanta University students will give them a better understanding of what and why human trafficking happens and what can we do to help increase reporting rate and decrease trafficking rates. While addressing the needs of the victims of human sex trafficking service providers and law enforcement personnel were asked to describe the needs of human sex trafficking, a common response was “What don’t they need,” According to Clawson’s and Dutch 's study. In this study service providers stated that the safety needs of the victims were identified as first priority. Then came the need for safe emergency housing along with other emergency needs such as food clothing for both domestic and international victims. Once those needs have been addressed, other needs present themselves in the short and long-term need to be met. According to the study the short and long-term needs were presented as; housing ( transitional / permanent for…

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