Essay about Human Trafficking And The United States

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The methodology used in this paper consists of an extensive review of existing literature and scholarly journals that outline the numerous effects of human trafficking and identify some of the major factors behind human trafficking. The main agenda is to conduct this research by critically analyzing the data already reported in order to find reasonable solutions. The study was limited to the United States as a destination and transit country in as far as trafficking in persons is concerned. Despite the fact that the United States has the necessary legislation to combat the vice; there are various push and pull factors that make the US to be prone to human trafficking. Over and above the US experience, other country experiences around the world including Africa, Europe and Asia also featured in the study.
. US Department of State. 2008. Trafficking in Persons Report provided me with critical information as it pertains to human trafficking. It expanded on the issues of human trafficking researched in the United States of America and worldwide. Another scholarly article used in my extensive review of literature was written by Butegwa F. and the article is entitled Africa Regional Reporton Trafficking in Women forced Prostitution and Slavery – like practices. which documented the physical disability, psychological and health problems as well as imprisonment are the prevalent documented effects of abuse and exploitation in regards to human trafficking. I also looked…

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