Essay on Human Trafficking And The Human Rights

1103 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
It is estimated that 14,500 to 17,500 in women and children are trafficking. Human Trafficking is happening and found everywhere over the world .It is mostly about how people use other people for there amusement even though they are horrible. Human Trafficking was/is a violation fo human rights because it guaranteed rights from the UN Delclaraction of Human rights, includes Articles 4, 5, 9. These violated rights are linked to my topic because are talking about how people take other people and make them do things they don’t want to do. Also if they don’t do it they lock them up without anything but what they went in there with. Human trafficking is violated all across the U.S. This paragraph is about how it is being stopped. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, enhance pre-existing criminals, afford new protections to trafficking victims and makes certain benefits and services to victims of severe trafficking. (Source 1). This source means that The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 is trying to stop all the new existing criminals so they wont have to deal with it anymore. The report has broadened over the years, and U.S embassies now routinely monitor & report cases of trafficking men, women, & children of forced labor like agriculture, domestic violence, and etc. Since they are trying to stop them early they have people all over reporting people instead in one place. This paragraph is about TTVPA of 2000 is trying to stop pre-existing people from…

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