Essay about Human Trafficking And The Form Of Forced Labor

705 Words Nov 10th, 2016 3 Pages
My conflict primarily focuses on human trafficking in the form of forced labor. Men were being sold to work in factories in China for very little pay and poor working conditions. The actions by the person sending these men to various locations is inhumane as this man was aware of the horrendous activities that were taking place. This conflict brings about many issues in China as there are many operations that work in this form.. This reflects poorly on many businesses and makes China look awful. Although this incident is small in scale only affecting 70 or so workers it does not represent the whole because there are many operations taking place across the country. This also one of few operations that are shut down, most are never found. This conflict is connected to our study group topic because it deals with human trafficking. Although there are two different forms of human trafficking, this particular conflict only deals with forced labor. China has a huge issue with human trafficking and have a lot of troubles trying to contain it. This conflict in china relates to many forms of forced labor globally as typically, they are in the same settings, which includes poor work conditions and very little pay with a lot of hours being worked. However, this conflict only deals with half of human trafficking, the other half is even more horrendous which includes sex trafficking. Both of these forms of trafficking ruin many lives daily and hurt many societies. This article shows…

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