Human Trafficking And The American Dream Essay

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Jeannette takes a trip to a foreign country to finally meet a guy she has been talking to over the internet, she goes to one of the biggest cities in the area to shop around for souvenirs so she can remember her trip. As soon as she steps off the plane a van slowly pulls up by her side and 4 men jump out and put her in the van. Little did Jeannette know the guy she has been talking to would soon be trafficking her. Human trafficking and smuggling happen every day, some are vacationers who had an unlucky day. But most are locals who want to get out of a horrible country to America where they hear that they can achieve the American dream. People use different attempts to achieve the American dream resulting in the uproar of human smuggling and trafficking. America has so much to offer that it leads to problems such as, human trafficking, human smuggling and the aspiration to achieve the American dream.
Human trafficking is the act of illegally moving people, usually for working purposes for little to no pay. Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery and there are 3 basic types of human trafficking. These 3 are sex trafficking, debt bondage and forced labor. Sex trafficking is the act of using people usually young girls to perform sexual acts at the will of a buyer. This is a growing epidemic in the United States and violates people’s human rights. Debt bondage is the act of a person asking to be smuggled over, but they do not have enough money to pay for the travel so…

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