Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The United States Essay

1290 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
With human trafficking being an already severe crime in the United States, the sex trade industry is what has so many young womens lives turned upside down. With the single largest demographic age for targets and victims being between the age of 12 and 15, the long term-impacts are more horrendous than any other (Chaffee & English, 2015). Although the age of 12 thru 15 is when a vast majority of girls are first exploited, the age can range tremendously. However, it is supported that a great deal of the youth vulnerable to a future in the industry are but not limited to, runaways, homeless children in the foster system, or those who have been prior subjects of abuse (Greenbaum, 2014). Since a large amount of research suggests that a majority of these victims are minors- many victims are therefore too young to consent to sexual activity with adults. Yet, victims are often overlooked and are labeled as juvenile delinquents or prostitutes. As a result of this belief women are punished as criminals rather than being recognized and treated as trafficking victims. Instead of being placed in environments where they are cared for properly, receiving the social and protective services they need, children are often times arrested and placed in juvenile detention facilities. Many implications are made as a result of the absent language and knowledge many of us have on this subject. The sex trade industry is a very closed-door organization that primarily occurs at the margins of…

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