Human Trafficking : A Modern Day Form Of Slavery Essay

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As President Bush states human trafficking is just a modern day form of slavery. The victims are abused physically and psychologically, taken advantage of, and tossed around from owner to owner. Although most people may think that slavery is no longer a problem the united states has, it is actually the contrary. Human trade has been going on for far too long and although the United States government has taken extraordinary measures to stop it by creating several acts against it and organizations that help human trade victims, they have yet solved the problem. Edward J Schauer and Elizabeth M. Wheaton claim that America is home of the second largest human trade market in the world. Most victims of human trafficking are women and children. The Victims of trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 states that all children under the age of eighteen who are involved in commercial sex are victims of sex trafficking (U.S Department of State, 2000). Over 2000 children victims of sex trafficking were reported by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center in the year 2014 (Child Welfare and Human Trafficking). That number will likely come to a surprise to most, however they are very real just like the problem of child trade in America.
Despite the country 's best efforts to end the human trade market, they have not yet succeeded. Because of the failure to stop this disgusting crime, it has begun to flourish in countries such as the united states and has become almost as…

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