Human Smuggling And Human Trafficking Essay

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Human smuggling and human trafficking are entrenched and deeply interwoven with the worlds ever more complex migration flows (Naim,2005). However, even though both are quite interwoven into each other’s worlds, they are primarily different. To begin with, human smuggling is when an individual voluntarily pays a smuggler to be smuggled for passage or to be reunited with loved ones (Albanese,2011). In the case of human trafficking, the trafficker can deceive and coerce the migrant for example and sell him or her for labor(Naim,2005). In fact, human trafficking consists of three factors, exploitation of labor, harboring of victims, and coercion (Albanese,2011). One thing that is important to remember is that both crimes are a form transnational organized crime, making them a threat for not only national security but international security.
Human smuggling and human trafficking are both crimes against humanity. Not only are the able to destroy an individual will but these crimes take advantage of the migration of individuals who are looking to pave a better way for themselves. Naim stated, smugglers and traffickers will prey on an individual’s desire to seek a better life, nevertheless the obstacles placed by the governments (2005). These crimes which were once underground, are rapidly starting to take over the world’s economy with the able to use host, transit, and destination countries to do so, at the sake of a person’s life. What’s interesting is that there is a…

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