Essay on Human Smuggling And Human Trafficking

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Human Smuggling and trafficking is a worldwide plague that has been, thus far been largely ignored by the international community. That is the paramount reason it has festered and grown roots and spread globally. It started as a grassroots effort on the local level where women and girls (it affects boys as well) would be used and sold for sex. Eventually, greed and corruption tagged along for the ride and that was when the crimes became an organized enterprise. At that point the crimes grew exponentially and spread worldwide and infested every crevice and nook on earth, no matter how small and insignificant it may. A stellar example of this is the systematic rape, torture and killing of women of Yazidi Christian women in Iraq and the other region of the Middle East. The ideology behind ISIS is jihad and anti-Western propaganda, however, whether the motivation is money, drugs, or as in human smuggling, illegal immigration, the world at large must annihilate it.
Human smuggling and human trafficking are two distinct crimes that, the further down the food chain each go, the lines do get murky and tend to melt together. Law enforcement from around the world often throw up their hands at the crimes because of the web of complexities involved. The law enforcement community at times have plum run out of resources and manpower to devote to the crimes. Human smuggling is different than human trafficking in as it requires payment, consent, as well as crossing borders. Whereas human…

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