Human Smuggling And Human Trafficking Essay examples

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2. What are the causes of human smuggling and human trafficking? What patterns are there in the movement of various groups of people across the globe? How are these crimes representative of the free market and globalization?

Globalization is believed to have made the world “a smaller place”. Due to development of global economy and transportation many are able to easily travel the world. Nevertheless, the new reality is such, that this freedom to travel the world is the privilege of the people from the Global North. People from the developing world, on the other hand, are still facing huge difficulties going abroad. Economic constrictions, unemployment, persecution, violence in their countries and even boredom have always pushed people to seek better lives in other countries. But modern reality leaves many migrants from poor countries few choices, but to migrate illegally. (Franko, 2013, p.37) Developed countries that draw migrants by higher quality of life are trying to limit the number of people entering their borders. They place limits on migration, introduce strict visa requirements and fortify, even militarize, their borders. At the same time, the demand for low-paid immigrant labor and much higher quality of life there draws people from the developing world to the West. Advances brought up by globalization, such as media, the Internet, satellite and social media have become widely available and affordable. They allow people from poor countries all over the world to…

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