Human Sex Trafficking Is The Illegal Movement Essay

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Objective Human sex trafficking is the illegal movement or use of people against their will for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The amount of human sex trafficking has varied in various parts of the world. It can be associated with prostitution and forced labor, therefore, specific data on sex trafficking can be inconclusive depending on where it is located. In a 2007 trial, Statistica found that 61.9% of all trafficked victims were sexually exploited and 31.4% were subjected to forced labor ("Percentage of Trafficking Victims…”). Over the years, children have become more popular in the sex trafficking industry especially young girls. Human sex trafficking is fluctuating constantly, resulting in many different views on the matter.


Human sex trafficking is a crime with many offenses: kidnapping, slavery, prostitution, child pornagrophy, coersion, rape, and sex with minors.Not only is sex slavery a prevalent problem in the United States, it is a rapidly growing industry globally. It is a major problem because it violates two of human’s natural born rights: the right to life and the right of liberty(“Trafficking in Women and Children…”). Between 2010-2012, roughly 21 million people worldwide were forced into the various forms of human trafficking: sexual exploitation, forced labor, or slavery. (“Signalling Child trafficking and Exploitation…”). Of that 21 million people, 4.5 million will become victims of multiple forms of sexual exploitation…

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