Human Sex Trafficking And What I Think It Is Essay

1184 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
As I write, I am going to discuss my current knowledge on human sex trafficking and what I think it is. Later, in the paper I will discuss my views and knowledge after watching the movie, “Cargo, Innocence Lost” and some scholarly sources from the Northwest Vista College library. Human sex trafficking is exactly what name implies; humans sold for sex. Although, currently I don’t know much, but when I think of sex trafficking I tend to think of people whom are lost in life and don’t have self-conception. I am curious to see and analyze the movie, but also curious for the research regarding psychological coercion or trauma bonding in human sex trafficking. Lastly, I will try to provide methods to positively improve this issue, depending on the research.
On reality TV shows like Cops or The Last 48 Hours display how vigilant criminals commit heinous acts of immorality. There is drug bust and stealing from homes, but instead of misdemeanors and traffic tickets, I think of much rasher scenarios. I think of prostitution, of women—teenagers—being abducted, and of murder scenes only an episode of Law & Order would depict. As mentioned before, I think of lost souls traveling through a world as someone whom thinks lesser of themselves. Sex trafficking is rising has become nine-billion-dollar booming business.
The movie Cargo goes into the realm of sex trafficking and known as the modern-day slavery. It was given this name because there is no set race in which it is inflicted upon,…

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