Essay on Human Rseource Management

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Human Resource Management
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Lecturer: Siham Aboujanah
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I wish to begin by thanking lecturer, Mr.Siham Aboujanah, thank you for the wisdom, understanding, and compassion that you have imparted to me and my ideas. I am grateful to my parents, brothers and sisters for their extreme moral support, encouragement and patience during the course of studies as well as throughout my academic career. No personal development can ever take place without the proper guidance of parents.

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Coming to employee motivation, human resource department motivates employees with making them to work in teams, encouraging them to met challenges. It let them to use their own creativity in working ways.

1.2 Functions of Human Resource Management
The main functions of HRM (Human Resource Management) are to employ people, to develop their resources and to utilises maintain and compensate their services for the organisation. HRM practices can be classified in terms of their impact on organisational performance through employee's skills, ability, motivation and the way that work is structured. Each and every of these functions influences simultaneously organisational performance. One can say that HMR is concerned with maintaining and ideally maximising organisational performance and profit. This is done by managing the human resources with a focus on expanding customer base that gives profit to the company. Under this directive it is obvious that there are many opportunities for HRM to influence organisational performance as HRM plays an important part for the functioning of every single department in an organisation due to the fact that it can take direct influence on the people working there.

1.3 Role of Line Managers in HRM
The line managers are responsible for the various functions of organisation like finance and marketing. On the other hand the staff managers are responsible for functions related to human resources like employee policy and

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