Human Rights Violations Are Committed Essay

1101 Words Oct 10th, 2014 5 Pages
Human rights violations are committed on a seemingly regular basis, and there is a pattern in why they happen. All around the world, people harm and disrespect the rights of others. People harass and kill other people all the time; so often that many people are desensitized to these crimes. These commonly occurring human rights violations are often under punished, and the pattern behind why this happens is personal interest. Personal interests is a reason for under punishment in a human rights violation in the Ray Rice incident, where Rice was barely punished due to the NFL’s interests. Another incident where this occurs is the mistreatment of workers in a seafood processing facility in Thailand. Walmart has allowed this to happen because it saves them money on seafood and helps their business. The final incident in which this happens was a recent event, when an innocent teenager was killed in Ferguson, Missouri by a cop. The cop is being protected due to the interests of the police station. In all of these incidents, UDHR violations are either committed or under punished due to personal interests of the violator or the violator’s company. A specific example of a current human rights issue that was under punished due to personal interests, was the highly publicized, “Ray Rice incident”. Recently, Ray Rice punched his fiance and was caught on video dragging his “apparently unconscious” fiance out of an elevator. Rice’s incident went unpunished by the law, even…

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