Human Rights Violations And Its Effect On The Individual And Community

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1.1 Human rights violations means to disrespect, go against and/or disregard the basic rights of someone which has been stated in South Africa’s Bill of Rights. The general problem with human rights violations is that society cannot be fully functional because there will always be a lack of trust and respect between people which can result in unequal opportunities, social inequality, social unrest and ultimately violence.

1.2 Violence against women, men and children has become a major issue in South Africa and it includes any violent acts such as physical, sexually, economically and/or psychological abuse. All these acts represent violations of many different human rights and have a lasting effect on the individual and community. I believe that violence against anyone is a serious crime and that each and every person has been given basic human rights which should be taken upon and respected by all.

1.3 The Domestic Violence Act (DVA), no 116 of 1998 exists to protect everyone who is dealing with or has been a victim of violence and to provide them with the best protection the law can give. The DVA makes it a legal duty and responsibility for the South African Police Service and also the government to help stop violence against women, men and children. The act helps victims get medical help and suitable accommodation as well as helping them get a protection order against their abuser. The protection order is an order from the court where the magistrate court compiles a list…

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