Human Rights Violation : The Influence Of Media Essay

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Human Rights Violation: The Influence of Media

In a society, there are many factors that influence how we view others and ourselves; these factors control the way we function within the society, the most powerful influence is the media. Sociologists believe that media is the fourth branch of government. Like Malcolm X said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” According to the Gallup Daily, Americans’ confidence in the media’s ability to report the news fairly, accurately and fully has returned to its previous low of 40%. Why has the media focused so much attention on the human rights violation in America that they have over looked the same issue in other countries?

In Eric L. Adams op-ed article “We Must Stop Police Abuse Of Black Men” originally published in the New York Times on the 4th of December 2014, Brooklyn’s borough president Eric addresses the injustice of the police towards black men. He provides examples of his own experience with the police “ I CAN recall it as if it were yesterday…that was the aftermath of my first police encounter” (1). He narrates his experiences in the police department as a new police officer, with emphasis on the message passed “ by veteran cops on the streets” (26). He also points out the mentality carried around by these policemen and illustrates the anger carried in their…

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