ISIS: A Contravention Of Human Rights In The World

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There are a lot of issues about human rights that happened in the world. It can be racism, social-class position, or murder. Yet, the most human rights issue that makes countries in the world paid attention recently is about people who murdered by terrorists, especially ISIS. ISIS itself stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which is a terrorist organization and purposefully want to make the middle-east countries as well as all the countries in the world became an Islamic area (Pusaka, 2014). That organization always captured and killed people in order to get the world’s attention and want to make some countries scared of ISIS. In contrast, there was an issue that makes a country angry and attack ISIS, because one of that
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That country is Jordan. It was very angry and made the Jordanian wants to attack against ISIS, because ISIS no longer has killed a Jordan’s pilot named Moath al-Kasasbeh, by burning him alive. Moreover, that attack was lead by the Jordanian King. They do it because not only their pilot were being killed, but also a lot of people such as Japanese free journalist, Syrian soldiers, and Russian spies. That was a contravention of human rights did by ISIS. As a result, Jordan with help from some countries attacked ISIS as a response to protect and promote human rights. Moreover, this issue can be related to an international relation theory which is humanitarian responsibility that will be discussed in this research.

Research Question and Theoretical Framework

1.1 Issue Background This issue actually happened when Moath al-Kasasbeh, who is the Jordan pilot, were on a mission with United State’s army to monitor the ISIS camp in Raqqa, Syria. Unpredictably, he got a shoot from the ISIS military. That forced him to

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