Human Rights, Diversity, And Criminal Legislation Impact On Police Action

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When dealing with Domestic Abuse, explain how current Human Rights, Diversity, and Criminal Legislation impact on police actions.
Ethics, Diversity, and Social Skills
John Leo Edmondson
University of Central Lancashire
Year 1 Semester 1

1. Introduction
2. Civil Responses to Domestic Violence
3. International Human Rights and Domestic Abuse
4. Policing Domestic Violence
5. Diversity and Domestic Abuse
6. Multiagency Work and Wider Initiatives
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. References

1. Introduction
There is no official, legal definition of what Domestic Abuse is, but Domestic Abuse can be defined as ‘any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence
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International Human Rights and the work of Multiagency responses have greatly benefited the ever-growing situation of Domestic Abuse, and their achievements should not be diminished. Their input into the problem have helped Police Officer’s actions when dealing with these cases by providing grounds for arrest, and grounds for DVPO’s and DVPN’s, ultimately protecting the victim and helping in the effort to stop Domestic Abuse. However, more could be done to improve an Officer’s Actions when dealing with these cases as more often than not the Police, and other notable agencies, fail to protect these victims and prevent the abuse from …show more content…
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