Essay on Human Rights By Thomas Aquinas

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Today Human Rights should be unquestionable and binding accountableness for governments and individuals, which are to be demanded laboriously. The tolerance towards infringement of Human Rights naturally brings upon the decline in the power of these rights in course making. “Human rights are a product of a philosophical debate that has raged for over two thousand years within the European Societies and their colonial descendants (Introduction to Human Rights Theories).” Many citizens quarrel that rights only came from the law of a precise society and not from any common or constitutional authority. “The earliest direct precursor to human rights might be found in the notions of natural right’ developed by classical Greek philosophers, such as Aristotle, but this concept was more fully developed by Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theological (Introduction to Human Rights Theories).” Human rights set a universal standard that can be used to judge any society. Without universal rights one individual is left trying to proclaim that their own way of deliberating is better than another human being. “Westerners and many others have come to place a high value on each individual human, but this is not a value judgment that is universal (Introduction to Human Rights Theories).”
“As early as 1927 the Paris-based International Federation of Human Rights proposed an international declaration of human rights and in the 1930s, it advocated a bill of social rights (The Human Rights Movement –…

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