Essay on Human Rights And The Rights

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Human rights have been debated since the idea of such a thing emerged in the late centuries of the BC era and reform took new heights in the mid 1000s. One of the first major documents in Europe to have had a glimpse of any type of human right and individual right was the Magna Carta from England in 1215. Later on in history, human rights became law in France with the French Declaration on the Rights of Man and Citizen in 1789 and in the United States of America with the Bill of Rights in 1791. The phrase human rights is defined as a right based on freedom with the principle of respect for every human being just because they are human. Multiple instruments about human rights have been published in the last century. These instruments are universal laws to make sure humans have rights and to prevent any violation of human rights. In recent world events, there has been mass media coverage on the violations of human rights on certain ethnic and religious groups. Human rights differ depending on the region of the world as shown by comparing the western world and nations with non-democratic governments. Human rights are right for the world because every human is equal no matter what social class one is born in, any article, government or person that says people are not equal are only building or adding to the social construct that already exists because no matter what circumstances a person is surrounded by, they deserve equal and fair treatment even if it may be inconvenient for…

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