Human Rights And The Rights Essay

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Human rights are something that each and every person has, but what are human rights? Human rights are a set of rights that are inherited by individuals to protect them in society and it helps society give everyone an equal status of worth. Human rights have many traits including universality and incontrovertibility. Whether or not human rights are universal and incontrovertible is one of the most argued and most discussed issue in human rights. But what does it mean for human rights to be universal and incontrovertible? Human rights being universal means that it is there for everyone to access no matter what race, class, gender, religion and more. Even though this idea of universality is very appealing to the mind it does have critiques and is much more complex. To begin, universality contradicts the ideas of natural law. According to O’Byrne natural law, “had less to do with the rights of all peoples per se than with the relationship between a citizen and a state.” (page 38, O’Byrne, 2003) Natural law helps regulate the way an individual should act, but it creates inequality within the social system. Universal human rights heavily contradict this idea of natural law by giving all humans equal rights and cutting out the key relationship between sovereign and state. This also creates the problem of individuals powering over national laws that are created by the state. Universal human rights not only contradict natural law but also creates conflicts with cultural backgrounds…

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