Human Rights And The Right Choice Essay

1591 Words Nov 12th, 2014 null Page
Human Rights play a role in everyone’s life, but not everyone realizes it. Though humans are granted with many freedoms, only a small portion of them know about it. Humans are permitted with many rights for the good of protecting themselves from people’s malicious actions and the government’s role of discrimination on ethnicity. Humans have the right to make choices for themselves, the right to petition the government, and the right to privacy. As a human, “we are all free and equal.” However, there are some people who aren’t fully aware of their rights because they think they are born free, have their own thoughts and ideas, and they should be treated equally like everyone else just because they live in a democratic nation. As a human, making the right choices for yourself is the best as well as having the rights to choose the governments of your nation and the right to privacy, no matter where we live. Therefore, all humans are created equally under the name of mankind. Society has gotten to the point of not making wise choices for itself when it comes to the moral and immoral decisions for their actions due to the lack of knowledge in knowing what human rights are. As a human, we have the right to make the choices for ourselves without anyone’s interference. Thus this right cannot be violated by anyone beside yourself when it comes to making the decision. According to the novel The Cosmopolitanism Reader by Garret W. Brown and David Held, “one should always behave so as…

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