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BSAD 535 – Managing Human Resources

Leading Change

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The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.”
John P. Kotter

What is Change?

is not happening that should be happening? is happening that should not be happening? better? is happening that could happen



Change Defined
An alteration in people , structure or technology. To cause to be different or to undergo transformation.

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People like the status quo. They like the way it was. When you start changing things the good old days

look better and better.” - Managing

Change in a changing world, page 20, by Professor Baidya

The Three Phases of planned Change

Three Phases of Planned Change (Lewin, 1951)
1. Unfreezing 2. Changing 3. Refreezing

Driving & Restraining Forces


This is the first phase in implementing change. It consists of creating a strong enough desire for changing the old, unwanted culture or behaviours.


If the “pain” of doing the same unwanted behaviours is not strong enough, there will be no desire felt within the organization to change.


The change agents need to make a strongly felt reason to change. Some examples might be the threat of closure due to more efficient competitors, or better products that serve a need better.


This second phase is where the new culture, behaviours, way to do things is put in place. It is important that any infrastructure needed to support the new change be thought out and in place.


If this does not happen, the organization will resist the new change and will either fall back to the old way or even a hybrid of the old and new ways that may be worse for the organization.


This phase may require training in the new methods, new equipment, resources, etc… It is important that these

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