Human Resources Essay

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Human Resources

The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said “a goal without a plan is just a wish”.
Today’s presentation summarizes Health System’s plan for implementing a formal performance appraisal system for each employee, both individually and as part of a team, as well as outlines our strategy for implementing an organization-wide succession plan to fully maximize our use of human resources.
As you were briefed at the last Board Meeting, our most recent employee survey revealed that many of our employees reported not receiving regular performance evaluations and expressed concerns about a perceived lack of a formal evaluation system, as well as no structured approach for assessing team performance. This feedback was
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Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure human capital outcomes such as talent management, employee engagement and high performance, and they highlight the organization’s business, financial and strategic goals as well as foster collaboration and partnership between HR and executive-level leadership (Lockwood, 2006).
In 1995 management expert Mark Huselid demonstrated the influence of HR’s strategic planning on the promotion of effective organizational performance, sustainability and financial success (Lockwood, 2012). Further, a more recent survey demonstrated that strategic business planning nearly doubled a company’s chances of success (Lesonsky, 2010).
These statements highlight the importance of developing a plan to maximize our use of human resources, and the following slides illustrate our strategy to do just that.

Thus, regular performance evaluations can be effective tools for improving employee performance and productivity, as well as can determine employee developmental needs.
If properly executed, they can serve as a basis for hiring new employees, the training and development of current employees, restructuring of workflow, and employee motivation (Gluck, 2012).
They can have profound effects on satisfaction and motivation levels (Archer, 2010) A thoughtful review can stimulate an employee’s interest and motivation in improving job performance.

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