Human Resources : The Best Human Resource Managers Essay

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Human resources is important in any business, and managing human resources takes talent, skill, experience and an understanding of human behavior. Human resources starts with the best human resource managers. The company is only as good as who you surround yourself with, and Human Resource Managers need to know how to hire and retain the best employees so that the company can grow. A company cannot build a good team of working professionals without good Human Resource managers who fully understand the organization’s Business Plan and ensuring the alignment of the management’s goals. Human resources is important to organizations in areas such as compensation, benefits, safety, liability, training and development, employee satisfaction, recruitment, selection, and compliance. Large companies may have several Human resource departments and several management team members in each department, so having good communication is important, and always reviewing the company’s business model needed to achieve its strategic goals and objectives is key.
An interview with Theresa Barnett, an Assistant Vice President of Human Resources in Compensation and Benefits at State Street Bank states her job is to determine what compensation and benefits are fair compared to competitors in the market for employees: "We want highly qualified employees so we need to pay them accordingly." Researching and analyzing competitors compensation rates and their benefits packages is part of her job. She also…

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