Human Resources Questions Essay

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1. The piecework system is more likely to succeed when all of the following are true except:

a. units of output can be easily measured.
b. the quality of the product is critical.
c. the job is fairly standardized.
d. a constant flow of work can be maintained.

Answer: __b___

2. States are permitted to enact legislation prohibiting compulsory union membership as a condition of employment under:

a. Wagner Act
b. Railway Labor Act
c. Taft-Hartley Act
d. Landrum-Griffin Act

Answer: __c___

3. The requirements for federal contractors to take steps to ensure a drug-free workplace is found in:

a. the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
b. the Drug-Free Workplace Act.
c. Executive Order 11246.
d. the
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changing work positions gives the employee a break from repetitive motion, but cannot help the condition
d. worker's compensation payments frequently accompany cumulative trauma disorder

Answer: __c___

23. Perhaps the most critical concern for a successful pay-for-performance system is the _____.

a. popularity of the system among employees
b. time devoted to explaining the system
c. amount of money allocated for annual salary increases
d. legality of the system

Answer: __c___

24. Louis, a union organizer, seeks to organize a firm with 120 truck drivers. What minimum number of signed authorization cards will Louis need before the National Labor Relations Board will hold a representation election?

a. 60
b. 30
c. 36
d. 61

Answer: __b___

25. A major concern of executive compensation involves:

a. timing of the bonus.
b. the amount of compensation.
c. the lack of perquisites.
d. lack of objective market data.

Answer: __b___

26. A pension plan where contributions are made jointly by employees and employers is referred to as a:

a. contributory plan
b. noncontributory plan
c. defined-benefit plan
d. defined-contribution plan

Answer: __d___

27. Transnational teams tend to be:

a. focused on projects that span multiple countries.
b. comprised of members with generalized skills.
c. homogenous.
d. comprised of members from the same region.

Answer: __a___

28. The

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