Essay about Human Resources Plan

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Human Resources Plan

The human resource department has a direct impact on the success of the company and its culture. In addition to being responsible for recruiting and retaining employees, talent management, compensation and benefits, training and development, and compliance, HR should be able to assist employees and managers resolve issues. Before starting an HR Department of one person, it is important to develop a long-term strategic plan in order to formulate the steps used to build a functioning unit and one that has credibility within the organization as a strategic partner.
In order to streamline our department of one, HR will focus on specific functions and re-assign or outsource others.
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The more we know about each other’s needs the more our small company will continue to grow. Truss and Gill (2007) discuss the critical processes in HR and how the importance is of positive working, relationships within the company make them succeed. HR departments are most highly regarded when there is free sharing of information and a team approach to HR functions. Carr Public Relations (CPR) is a public relations firm in the Phoenix area. The firm handles media relations, publicity, and crisis management for a respectable list of clients that include sports figures, politicians, authors, and actors. After 10 years of solid growth, the company is opening a satellite office to the San Diego Area. It was decided that CPR needed an HR Department in conjunction with this new phase. There are three levels of employees: executive management, mid-level management, and non-exempt support staff. The company provides a generous benefits package and compensation that is within the mid to lower end of the comparable companies nationally. There are currently 60 employees in Phoenix and the company will add another 30 more in San Diego. Along with a new HR Department, the CEO has indicated that he wants previously outsourced departments, such as IT and travel, to be hired in to the company. Developing a highly functioning HR department

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