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Staff Exit Procedure

Staff Exit Procedure
Introduction This document is intended to provide guidance to line managers for the actions required and issues to consider when a member of staff leaves the University. These arrangements apply to all staff-type accounts, including affiliates, temporary staff and work placements. Activities can broadly be split into five categories: Admin Procedures & Forms Planning Complete paperwork to ensure correct administration on Payroll and HR systems To think about the impact that the member of staff’s departure will have on departmental operations and plan accordingly Important physical documents and files are identified and handed over to a nominated individual. Ensure
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There are many considerations, for example: □ Who and when to notify? □ What are the critical duties and responsibilities? □ Consider references to the individual in web pages, procedures, documentation etc. □ What is the impact on planned work? □ What are the priorities for the vacancy? □ Who will look after these issues in the interim and what additional access rights/resources might they require? □ Consider representation at meetings and update diaries accordingly. □ What contingencies are required? □ Is on–the-job or other training required? 2.2 As soon as possible after notice or notification has been given, the member of staff and line manager should meet to discuss the implications of their departure. It is good practice to draw up an impact analysis and handover plan to address these requirements. This can be shared with other staff, managers and stakeholders to ensure the departure is properly managed. Planning can and should include access to documents, data and email – these are covered separately and in detail below. 3. Documents

3.1 Arrangements should be made for continuity of access to physical documents or files important to the University. A brief audit should be undertaken, recording the location of important items. Any outdated

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