Human Resources Management : Sweet Spot Essay

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HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT human resources covers is the overall planning of the organization and is responsible for its smooth function. There are many departments which are handled by the HR team. Their main function is to have right people for the right job because its failure will lead to the employee shortage, financial collapse of the entire company. It also involves in handling daily issues to performance appraisal and even to the extent of firing employees.
Sweet Spot is an Indian operated Multinational food and beverage organization specializing in Indian sweets and savory which is known for its taste worldwide. The headquarters is in India and have manufacturing units in the United States Of America and New Zealand. Our products include canned sweets, packed sweets, snacks like bhujiya, ready mixes and pickles.
1.a Selection Process
In today 's scenario selecting the right candidate for a job is like digging diamond from the mines. Its considered as one of the foremost important step like any other organizational practices. The high competition will prevail for the talented ones but it 's the duty of the company to identify, attract and hire such candidates (Cascio, 2013). The selection process comprises of job analysis, recruitment, initial screening and selection. Initially an advertisement was made with the job description. Then we had a specialized people who had applied for the job as production manager in New Zealand. From the applications…

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