Human Resources Management : Human Resource Management Essay

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Assignment 1
When it comes to Human Resource Management as I stated in my discussion when I think about Human Resources Management I think about the many roles the personnel has to take on in order to run a successful business the HR team must make sure they understand the laws they must abide by to make sure the business is running smoothly that they provide the right resources for employee. The three items that I find interesting is 1, providing employment opportunity, a safe workplace, analyzing work, and designing jobs, 2 recruiting human resources selecting employees, and job placement, 3 training employees and managing employee performance. When it comes to providing employment opportunity, and a safe workplace I think this is the most important because there shouldn’t be any type of discrimination people should be able to work no matter “their race, religion, sex, age, or disability” (Noe; Hollenbeck; Gerhart; Wright;, 2011, p. 64). As our text states the equal employment opportunity commission is responsible for enforcing these laws (Noe; Hollenbeck; Gerhart; Wright;, 2011, p. 73).there are many laws that coincide with this. When it comes to analyzing work, this is interesting to. me because it talks about the process of getting detailed information about jobs, what is required to carry out the job, the HR personnel has to understand and match job requirements and people because everyone have a certain task that they are really good at. When it comes to designing…

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