Essay on Human Resources Management ( Hrm ) Policies

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Human Resources Management (HRM) Policies Our company’s HRM policies currently cover policies and procedures regarding hiring process, harassment, dispute resolution, and discrimination. HRM policies and procedures comply with most current up-to-date government regulation. HRM policies will be part of annual company progress review board. Employees at every level will be able to participate in the final process of the HRM policies through the town hall discussion. HRM policies’ mission is to foster an environment of passionate work. As stated by Laszlo Bock ‘we spend more time working than we do on almost any other activity in our lives. People want all that time to mean something (Bock, 2011).’ In addition, transparency will be emphasized when this company deals with harassment, dispute resolution, and discrimination through the HRM policies. As mentioned in the description of HRM roles and responsibilities, HRM department has following positions including but not limited to; Recruiter, Job Analyst, Harassment Advisor, and Dispute Resolution Specialist, and Training Specialist. Hiring process. There are two distinct hiring processes for our company. First hiring method is through the advertisement. Position will be advertised on our website and job boards. Hiring priority will be given to veterans and former police officers due to the nature of the business. Most jobs at our company require specific skills and understandings of the firearm related matters.…

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