Human Resources Management Case Study: Human Resource Management

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HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT human resources covers is the overall planning of the organization and is responsible for its smooth function. There are many departments which are handled by the HR team. Their main function is to have right people for the right job because its failure will lead to the employee shortage, financial collapse of the entire company. It also involves in handling daily issues to performance appraisal and even to the extent of firing employees.
Sweet Spot is an Indian operated Multinational food and beverage organization specializing in Indian sweets and savory which is known for its taste worldwide. The headquarters is in India and have manufacturing units in the United States Of America and New Zealand.
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Since the culture was entirely different in India where high power distance and high context existed and it was high time for some measures to be taken
3.aPerformance Management
Ken took up the position of production manager in sweet spot NZ, and did a fairly good job in adapting to kiwi culture and leading his department in the right way. And now it 's time for where Ken was asked to be ready and prepared for this first Performance management.
Performance Management focuses on how well the employee performs. It helps in motivating a individual to correct their errors and perform with more potential(kramar, bartram, & de cieri, 2011)
Performance Appraisal is where employees performance, goals, objectives, training and how much they have put into working practice, letting them know the organizational strategy and in turn identifies and rewards employees effort.
According to dol government(Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employement , n.d.)there is a process to be followed for this
Organizational goal should be clear and should emphasis on how it can be achieved by the employees
Organization should also consider what the employee expects from the company when
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As we mentioned before New Zealand is more of a casual country and on the other hand India is still under hierarchical status (Internations, n.d.). When the cultures are different the thought process differs along with the working styles, ethics change so working system is drastically changed. In India orders will be given by higher officials to their employees and opinions and advices will not be considered from employees by the higher officials. Likewise bribes and corruption is another area of major concern. For example if Ken asks his employees for their opinions and suggestions they might think that he is not efficient enough to make any decisions of his own which will lead to many problems within the company. (Mendenhall, Oddu, & Stahl, 2007)In order to bridge this gap a teleconference was arranged from Auckland to India to explain them the working processes here and to Ken about the procedures there so that both the parties can be ready mentally when they get to know the cross cultural differences, and training was arranged twice a week on how to work in a multicultural

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