Human Resources Management At Walgreens Essay

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Human Resources Management (KM)
Walgreens has recently launched a corporate university program that serves and encourages employee learning. Senior vice president and chief human resources officer had this to say about why Walgreens decided to launch such a program, “We wanted to create an innovative and agile talent pool, one that’s diverse and fosters a powerful cross section of thoughts and ideas. From our leaders in our community centers to our store managers, learning and growing every day is essential to delivering our business strategy”. The program offers courses to employees at any level of employment. Walgreens has partnered with several universities to offer training programs for employees worth college credit. They have also partnered with several universities to give their employees special discounts on tuition (Tucker Para. 6). Walgreens has also recently launched MyHR for their employees. MyHR is a website that answers any questions that employees may have regarding HR. This may include things such as benefits, policies, talent management, and guidance for new hires. This new feature is apart of Walgreens’ shared services model that services employee relations, recruiting and HR data (Tucker Para. 10). Walgreens also encourage their employees to be healthy by offering on site fitness centers and complimentary healthcare testing. Walgreens employees feel as though they are cared about. With all these programs that keep them informed and properly trained,…

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