Human Resources Management : A Large Effect On The Success Of A Business

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Human resources management has a large effect on the success of a business for several reasons including employee retention, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, work quality and financial handling. A competitive advantage is achieved by equalizing all aspects of the business including human resources, inventory, producing a quality product, servicing customer relations, reducing waste as well as several other factors. Maintaining a satisfied employee pool is not accomplished by just paying employees more money. There are several factors that contribute to this, including work-life balance, the manager-employee relationship, opportunities for advancement, professional development, work environment and the culture of the company.

Retailer’s human resource management can be challenging because there is a mixture of full-time and seasonal employees. The retail industry has several times throughout the year that hiring extra part-time employees is required. The seasonal/short-term employees are hired to increase productivity which is sales based on the number of employees. The training of seasonal employees can create challenges because it must be done quickly, but needs to cover the aspects of needed to provide the proper support. The hiring process for seasonal employees creates challenges because the prospect pool is smaller and mostly less qualified prospects.

Developing a pool of qualified individuals to interview, will provide more possibilities to find the…

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